Information for landlords

With our unique approach, teamed with the tools below, we aim to give your property maximum exposure!



We advertise to our existing pre approved tenants and externally, giving you the best opportunity for a speedy let.



We place upmost emphasis on selecting the right tenant to ensure a healthy, long term return on your investment.








We have completed ‘let only’ services on eight properties for this landlord, and each tenancy has been a success.

The landlord says –

The Solutions team were friendly, very knowledgeable and professional at all times.

We could not have been more pleased with the team’s helpfulness and first class service.

 They are there for us and our tenants, making each tenancy so far a success for both parties.

 Always, the team were very responsive to our needs and helped to increase our knowledge over the course of our time with them.

We are very happy to continue to build on our relationship with the Solutions team.


This landlord has opted for a leasing scheme and has since used this scheme for several of his vacant properties.

The landlord says –

"When I first heard of Wigan Housing Solutions and the opportunity to lease a property to the council for a term of 3 years, my initial reaction was where’s the catch and what will it cost? After having dealt with the team for a number of months and with the first property on board I can safely say it was a decision well made. The system works fantastically well for those landlords looking for a secure income managed by a professional team offering peace of mind in a turbulent market!"




Referencing & selection



We will..

obtain proof of identity and address for all applicants

obtain proof of income for all applicants

take up references where available, make enquiries and undertake assessment interviews with applicants to evaluate their suitability for a tenancy. Our approach is to make a comprehensive assessment of the applicant’s actual ability to maintain a successful tenancy, rather than use credit reference agencies, which only provide partial, dated information

ensure all applicants successfully complete our pre tenancy programme

produce an affordability assessment to ensure the rent can be met

Offer an appointment for you to meet the prospective tenant

during the term of the tenancy, provide advice and assistance for the landlord and tenant as necessary, for example to respond to any changes in circumstance

provide all landlords and tenants with contact details to report and discuss issues

where applicable, assist the applicant in income and benefits issues.

We accept tenant referrals daily from agencies throughout the Borough, and have a database of clients who have successfully passed through our pre-tenancy programme and are ready to move. We aim to consult this within 48 hours of taking your instructions to let the property to check for any existing clients who can be matched promptly to your property. Advertising will also be carried out through the Wigan Housing Solutions Website, and our eye catching ‘to let’ boards.

Thnis approach to tenant selection assists us to keep our default rates extremely low


Service Options


Option 1: The Let-Only Service


We will undertake an initial inspection of the property, advise you on the rent obtainable, and on any matters that need to be addressed before it is let, including safety, marketability, and any issues arising if the property is mortgaged. We will prepare an inventory, and arrange for the required safety checks to be undertaken as instructed.

We will advertise the property, find a tenant and fully check them into the tenancy. We will hand you and the tenant tenancy packs, giving full tenancy details for you to take on the management of the property, however we will arrange home visits to check on all tenancies one month in.

£349.00 (plus VAT) Letting Fee


Option 2: Housing Management Service – New tenancies


Undertake the let as above, and will take care of rent collection and accounting, and attend to tenancy issues, arrears control, housing allowance claims, neighbour issues, and repairs assessment, reporting and performance monitoring. The landlord will be provided with regular account statements and reports on the conduct of the tenancy.

£299.00 (plus VAT) Letting Fee, then 10% of monthly rental collected (plus VAT)


Option 3: ‘Troubleshooting’ Services


We take on management of existing problem tenancies, where, for example, there are issues rent arrears or neighbour complaints, providing intensive advice and support coupled with enforcement measures where necessary.

£249.00 (plus VAT) Arrangement Fee, then 10% of monthly rental collected (plus VAT)


Option 4: Estate Management


Wigan Housing Solutions can provide a comprehensive estate management service for blocks of properties, and we have experience in partnership working in area regeneration schemes. Prices will be individual based on size / complexity of the portfolio.


Option 5: Housing Management Service – Houses in multiple occupation


Undertake the let and management as above. In addition complete weekly checks on the safety and cleanliness of the communal areas and consult with tenants.

£299.00 (plus VAT) Letting Fee, then 14% of monthly rental collected (plus VAT)



Your partner in 

 protecting your investment

and providing you with peace of mind.



Landlords’ obligations


Whether you are a new or experienced landlord, keeping ahead of changes in legislation can be time consuming, very often you are handing over to a tenant the most expensive item you own – your property, and this can be extremely costly if you get it wrong. The guidance below gives you a clear picture of a landlords obligations, we provide you with expertise and assistance to make these arrangements.


Safety of electrical system & appliances    

A landlord has a responsibility to ensure that the electrical system and any electrical appliances supplied with the accommodation are safe.

Landlords have a duty of care towards their tenants, inspections of electrical installations by a suitably qualified electrician every five years and on a change of tenancy are recommended.

Trading standards departments have a duty to enforce legislation which covers the safety of electrical appliances supplied with accommodation. If a landlord wants to be sure that electrical appliances meet the regulations, s/he should also arrange for an electrician to test each appliance and make a detailed report.

Instruction ManualsIt is good practice for these to be supplied for all appliances, and a copy left at the property, eg boiler. We will require these.


Safety of gas appliances    

Landlords have a responsibility to ensure that any gas fittings are safe. Landlords are required to arrange and pay for safety checks and any necessary work to be carried out on appliances at least once every twelve months. The checks must be carried out by a person / company who is registered with Gas Safe Register, which is monitored by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The landlord must keep a record of inspection dates, any defects identified and any remedial action taken.

The landlord is required to give a copy of this record to an existing tenant within 28 days of the date of the check. A new tenant must be provided with a copy before s/he moves in.


Energy performance certificates

 From 1st October 2008 an Energy Performance Certificate is required on all properties being newly let. This will show the properties energy efficiency and where improvements can be made. This must be conducted by an accredited assessor, and must be provided by the Landlord prior to any viewings being conducted.


Fire & furnishings

The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988 (Amended 1993)prescribe the fire safety requirements for furniture and who must comply with them.

Any furniture (including second hand furniture) provided by a landlord in a letting of accommodation on a business basis, must comply with fire regulations. Furniture supplied to customers must carry appropriate labels giving information about the item and its ability to pass fire safety tests. Permanent labels must be attached to a hidden part of the item.


Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide detectors

 Since 1st October 2015 regulations now require a working smoke alarm to each storey. Where necessary a fire risk assessment should be carried out to determine any potential risks. This can be done through your local fire service, and we can assist in arranging this. A carbon monoxide detector is also now required in any room with a solid fuel brining appliance.

The landlord must check these are in and working at the start of each tenancy, and they must be checked periodically throughout.


Legionnaires’ Disease

Legislation requires landlords to assess the risk of Legionnaires’ Disease, and take steps to minimise this. Tenants should be advised of any control measures put in place.


 From 6 April 2007, landlords are required to use a tenancy deposit protection scheme if they wish to take a security deposit for an assured shorthold tenancy agreement.

A landlord cannot ask for a security deposit in any form other than money, and any money taken as security against a tenant failing to meet her/his obligations or liabilities counts as a security deposit and must be protected. A tenancy deposit protection scheme is one that safeguards the deposit, so that a tenant is guaranteed to get it back at the end of the tenancy, provided s/he is entitled to it. It also provides an alternative dispute resolution service to sort out any disagreements between the landlord and tenant about the deposit at the end of the tenancy.



 The anti-discrimination and equalities legislation applies to landlords, who also have a duty to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ when this is requested by a disabled occupier or prospective occupier.


The Data Protection Act 1998

 Information you supply to us will be securely kept in hard copy files in our office and on our computer databases. You can view the information held by us by contacting our office and requesting to do so, giving reasonable notice. We will not pass this information to any third party without your permission or unless required to do so by law.

Please note that under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 section 48 we must supply the tenant with details of the landlord, including their name and the address at which notices can be served.

Houses in multiple occupation

There are several pieces of legislation relating to HMOs, surrounding fire safety and health and safety. Dependant on the size and make up your HMO may need licence from the local authority. We can advise you further on this.

As a minimum with any small HMO we would require a risk assessment on taking the property and regular checks on the fire alarm and any emergency lighting.

Each property will come with differing requirements and will require regular monitoring, these will be discussed individually.


Wigan Housing Solutions can advise you further on these issues and arrange for any certificates required.


Our services are offered to landlords whose properties meet the required safety standards. The information above is for guidance only, and is not intended that the information should be taken as a comprehensive or definitive statement of the law or to be a substitute for formal legal advice.



Finance information and guidance




 If the property has a mortgage which is not ‘buy to let’, the landlord is required to obtain the lenders consent prior to any tenancy. You are requested to ensure that we are informed of any mortgage arrears. This is to ensure that the tenancy is not affected. Please note, however, that applications from landlords with arrears will not necessarily be declined, and each case will be considered individually. You are also requested to check that your mortgage, whatever the type, allows you to let the property to Housing Benefit tenants.

The landlord is also advised to check any leasehold agreements to determine if any permission to let the property is needed from the freeholder.


The landlord is responsible for ensuring adequate insurance is obtained. As a minimum this should cover buildings and injury to persons residing in or visiting the premises. This should be in place prior to any viewings. The tenants are responsible for insuring only their personal belongings.


The Non Resident Landlords Scheme

 If a landlord’s usual place of abode is overseas, we must deduct tax on the rental income and forward this to Inland Revenue. However, the landlord can apply for exemption directly to Inland Revenue. For further details of this scheme please contact us or Inland Revenue directly. Unless we receive an exemption certificate we will have to deduct tax at the appropriate rate.



Income received from renting property is subject to tax, and therefore we strongly recommend that you take advice from an accountant. Expenses incurred can be set against tax liability.